​​​​How to make your paid newsletter viral

Paid Newsletters are the next hottest thing, where experts create a newsletter and charge a monthly fee for it. Mostly these newsletters are either daily or weekly emails sent to the subscribers. They are a good model to write content specifically for your audience without being biased by who is paying for ads that month.

But it’s also hard to grow the number of subscribers in it. Most people wouldn’t like to subscribe to something without trying it out.

One way some newsletters solve this problem is running a 1-week trial offer – usually for free or for a low $1 price point. That drops the friction and makes people sign up for your newsletter and also to get some value out of it.

Another way you could try to do it is to have a referral scheme for your subscribers. Anyone who has signed up for your newsletter gets a unique referral link and can share it with their friends. If their friend signs up, both of them get a week’s subscription for free. Something similar to what dropbox did – both the referrer and referred will get an extra 250mb space for free.

If a subscriber gets even 5 of their friends to sign up for free and you can convert 1 person out of the 5 to pay for it, you can get a decent number of subscribers. To make sure they don’t try to scam the system, you can have a maximum number of weeks they can get for free. But if you have a good product and strong numbers to back, you don’t have to limit referrals.

You can easily set up such a referral system by using Zapier.