​​​​How to increase opt-ins in pop-ups

Using lightbox pop-ups are a popular way to get leads. You display a pop-up with a form to collect name and email address and people will fill it up if they are interested in the lead magnet.

Here’s one interesting experiment that you can A/B test on your site. Instead of displaying a straight-up form in the pop-up, ask a Yes or No question with two buttons. If the user clicked on Yes, show them the form. If they clicked on No, close the pop-up.

For more added effect, you can emphasize what the visitor would receive or not receive. The button can be “Yes! I want to get ___” or “No! I don’t want ___”.

By making the pop-up a two-step opt-in, you are making the visitor agree to a micro-commitment by clicking on Yes or No. Once they have done the first step, there is a high chance that they want to get the lead magnet and would fill in their details.

CopyHackers tried this model and noticed a 5x increase in opt-in rates. Just a simple change that gets you more leads and conversions.