​​​​How to get more leads by using quizzes or surveys

An easy way to get more leads for your product/service is to have a quiz. Create a quiz or survey using any of the numerous online services, ask 4-5 questions and in the last page ask them to fill in their name & email to get the results.


If you have an app to help with weight loss, ask a series of questions about your user’s current health and diet, in return for a personalized diet plan.

Make sure you don’t overload on the number of questions. 4-5 simple questions with choices they can easily fill in 1-2 minutes.

Send them a pre-built pdf based on the responses.

If you are selling real estate, ask questions about the neighbourhood they are interested in, type of house, budget, etc., and send them a list of the newest 5 places that are on the market.

It doesn’t even have to be updated daily. when you call your leads back, you can guide them better.

Why it works

The reason why it works is, your visitor has spent a few minutes answering your quiz. That time invested makes him want to get to the end of the quiz and get his results. It’s sunk cost that he wants to see some result out of.