​​​​Get Loyal Customers for life & Reduce Churn

Here’s a tip to get loyal customers for life and also to reduce churn.

If you have a SaaS product in a crowded space, make sure you offer free migrations from your competition to your service. Some call this the concierge onboarding service.

One of the major reasons why people don’t switch services is the added cost of migrating all their existing data from their current provider to your product.

There are two benefits to this:

  1. If you are at the early stage of your product, you understand how your competition does things and it helps to build a better product.
    You can even get on a call with your customer, see how they do things and find what they don’t like.
  2. If you opt to do the migrations only for the premium paying clients, you get a small, but a nice bump in revenue.

For you, it’s just a set of scripts you write once and run it for every new client. It’s much faster than the client having to allocate one employee to do it.

It ensures your clients are much happier and can begin using your product from day 1. Which leads to less churn.